Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm a nerd.

This warm spring-y weather has been SO good for my soul the last two weeks. It's such a nice, welcome departure from all the snowy nastiness and bitter cold (and yes, when I say bitter cold, I do mean like 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit. Sometimes I think I'm cold-blooded, like a lizard.)

So far today, we have taken Luna to the dog park and I made a yummy lunch of cheeseburgers, oven fries made with Yukon gold potatoes, and red cabbage and carrot slaw. The CSA cooking is back in full swing :) I'm so thankful for those yummy veggies that come in my box each week!

I have a great big long to-do list to accomplish today, but I'm taking a break before getting into it full-throttle. To-do lists always work so well for me. If I don't make one, I tend to sit around and do nothing (ie watch Glee reruns on Hulu, Google Darren Criss to my heart's content and have Say Yes To the Dress marathons on Netflix...) But if I know that little checklist is sitting on my table, just waiting for things to be crossed through, it motivates me to get my butt in gear and get things done.

(An aside: I may or may not have developed a ridiculous schoolgirl celebrity crush on Darren Criss. Who is actually younger than I am. But not by a lot. I'm actually sad to say that I first saw him on Glee, and THEN made the shocking and amazing and exhilirating discovery that he co-owns a theater company who has done not one but TWO Harry Potter musicals. And he played Harry Potter. In both of them. BE. STILL. MY. HEART.)

(Also, if you're interested, said musicals are called A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Musical: The Sequel, and can be found in their entirety on YouTube. Just, you know, in case any of you are facing a similar Darren Criss predicament. Or love Harry Potter to embarrassing proportions. Either one.)


Now I need to go do actual grown-up things, like vacuum my house. The to-do list beckons :)

(But seriously, you should watch that musical.)


  1. WHAT?!? I am probably the biggest Harry Potter nerd/fan you will ever meet, and had no idea there were musicals! AMAZING! Also amazing that your puppy is named after an HP character. I wanted to name ours Severus, but the husband said no. However, if we ever get a black lab, we ARE going to name it Sirius. :)

  2. I KNOW RIGHT?!? I just found out about the musicals like maybe a month ago... they're really satirical, pretty funny, and really creative, and if you're a big HP fan, you'll like them :) I was so ridiculously excited when I found them!

  3. I have to watch them!!!
    I also need to-do list. I just need them.
    Btw you're tagged, check out my blog!

  4. I love to do lists!!! I HAVE to use them, or I never get anything accomplished. :)