Monday, June 6, 2011

I haven't posted in forever.

We're talking nearly 3 months here.

My life is really stressful right now, and blogging just isn't happening.


I just had to brag about this.

You know that awesome show called Glee?

Well I'm kind of in love with it. Kind of in love actually doesn't even begin to cover it. More like borderline-unhealthy obsession. 


There's this little thing called Glee Live that they do while on summer hiatus. They go around to different places (big cities, NOT in the South) and sing their songs and do wonderful things.

I looked at tickets when the shows first opened, and there was NO WAY that we were going to be able to go. The closest place was DC, and that's just not really reasonable. We can't pay for plane tickets just to see a concert so I can fangirl. Too far. Too expensive. Not worth the trouble.


But I just so happen to have the most amazing husband to ever walk the earth.

And last night...

...wait for it...


I am freaking out.

Reasons why this is INSANE:

-We are totally roadtripping it. Plane tickets are still too expensive. It's 12 hours to DC one way. We're leaving Thursday morning early early early (Mark is still calling it Wednesday night.) We're driving straight to DC, checking into our hotel, and taking a nap. We're eating dinner somewhere. Seeing the concert. Spending the night, getting up at the buttcrack of dawn AGAIN, driving 12 hours BACK to Birmingham, and WE ARE BOTH WORKING ON SATURDAY MORNING.


-The tickets were EXPENSIVE. I mean, we got them for a good deal in comparison, but still. EXPENSIVE.

-The concert is on Thursday. THURSDAY. As in THREE DAYS FROM NOW.

-I am in the middle of a cold. Like, I have no voice. I will probably still sound like a man on Thursday.

Do I care about any of this?

Um, no.


Conclusions we can draw from this:

-I'm officially crazy.
-I might be slightly unhealthily obsessed with Darren Criss. Because it excites me to no end that in three days, I will be breathing the same air as him. OMG.
-My husband is the best. husband. ever.
-He loves me a whole freaking lot.
-We're not THAT old. Because old people don't do crazy crap like this.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life, or Being a Grown-Up Really Sucks

*a note before I post: some of Kelly's shower pictures will be making an appearance soon ... I just haven't gotten them onto my computer yet. It's on my to-do list.*

 Can I be really honest with you, few blog-readers of mine?

Life sucks sometimes.

Some days I wish I was still in college.

Some days I just want to scream about how life just isn't fair.

Some days I don't want to be a grown-up anymore.

Don't get me wrong - I am aware that we are blessed, and in the grand scheme of things, we are so very, very rich. But it feels like we can't catch a break right now.

Emotions have been running high in this heart and head of mine. My sister is moving far, far away to Los Angeles this summer after she and Colton get married. Work has had its ups and downs lately. My mom has been sick, and I am worried about her. We still honestly have no idea where we'll be or what Mark is doing in 3 months. (We will hopefully still be here, but who knows?) And to put the icing on the cake, Mark went back to the dentist two days ago, and my poor hubby had to have some MORE seriously extensive work done on his mouth. Dentists are becoming a major bummer for us...

It's just hard. That's really the only way to put it. It is what it is, and we're dealing with it, and it's fine. But it's hard.

And honestly, I'm bummed about turning 26 next week. This is the first year that I haven't been partying it up, celebrating my birthday month. Instead, I'm budgeting and price-checking and organizing and planning baby showers for people. Turning 26 means that I'm closer to 30 than I am to 20. I had a lot of expectations of what life would be like at 26, and they haven't exactly happened. I feel like that's a normal thought process of most mid-20's these days ... life isn't what we thought it would be. But it's a hard thing to wrap your head around. And compounding those feelings is watching friends and acquaintances who are my age doing those things that I thought I'd be doing by now.

Buying a house.

Having a baby.

I think I've mentioned this before, but the pregnancy count is now up to 14. 14 of my friends and former classmates are pregnant, or have just had their babies. Now, I don't want a baby right now. We are not trying (in fact, we're actively trying NOT to), but it's still something that I thought I would want by this point in my life. I feel like there's something wrong with me, like I'm not maternal or something. Like I should want one.

I do want a house though. Soooo badly. We're waiting because it's the wisest thing to do financially, but it is so hard for both Mark and I. We have been patient for a long time, and we're going to have to be patient still. But it is a little bittersweet to watch good friends purchase and move into their new homes. I'm really happy for them, but it makes me a bit jealous, too. That's kind of my life right now. Happy but a bit jealous. And stressed. And worried.

I wish life would just settle down for a little bit.

(My apologies ... I didn't mean for this post to get all serious and unhappy, but that's life sometimes...)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

i'm still here.

There I go, taking breaks again.

Life is just so busy. Sometime it's hard to find time to blog. And then there are days like today - when I have a to-do list a mile long, but it's sleepy weather, rainy and cloudy and yucky and cold-ish, and I don't feel like doing anything but siting on the couch. What a spoiled life I lead...

Things that are happening in my life lately:

-Kelly's shower was so fun!! She's in LA right now with Colton, apartment-hunting during spring break. Crazy. I still can't believe she's moving so far away.

-I'm doing another shower, this time a baby shower! Our good friends Andy and Suzie are expecting their first little one in a little over a month (crazy! So much crazy lately!), and we're throwing them and the bambino a party to celebrate. I'm in charge of invitations and cupcakes. I'll have to post a picture when they're done...

-On that note ... everybody I know is pregnant. Like, seriously, I know at least 10 people who are either pregnant right now or have just had babies. At least. Who I know personally. CRAZY!!

-I am on my 9th book of 2011. Reading more has been my favorite part of the new year. I love it!

And now ... back to the invites. I have at least 15 to make!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm a nerd.

This warm spring-y weather has been SO good for my soul the last two weeks. It's such a nice, welcome departure from all the snowy nastiness and bitter cold (and yes, when I say bitter cold, I do mean like 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit. Sometimes I think I'm cold-blooded, like a lizard.)

So far today, we have taken Luna to the dog park and I made a yummy lunch of cheeseburgers, oven fries made with Yukon gold potatoes, and red cabbage and carrot slaw. The CSA cooking is back in full swing :) I'm so thankful for those yummy veggies that come in my box each week!

I have a great big long to-do list to accomplish today, but I'm taking a break before getting into it full-throttle. To-do lists always work so well for me. If I don't make one, I tend to sit around and do nothing (ie watch Glee reruns on Hulu, Google Darren Criss to my heart's content and have Say Yes To the Dress marathons on Netflix...) But if I know that little checklist is sitting on my table, just waiting for things to be crossed through, it motivates me to get my butt in gear and get things done.

(An aside: I may or may not have developed a ridiculous schoolgirl celebrity crush on Darren Criss. Who is actually younger than I am. But not by a lot. I'm actually sad to say that I first saw him on Glee, and THEN made the shocking and amazing and exhilirating discovery that he co-owns a theater company who has done not one but TWO Harry Potter musicals. And he played Harry Potter. In both of them. BE. STILL. MY. HEART.)

(Also, if you're interested, said musicals are called A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Musical: The Sequel, and can be found in their entirety on YouTube. Just, you know, in case any of you are facing a similar Darren Criss predicament. Or love Harry Potter to embarrassing proportions. Either one.)


Now I need to go do actual grown-up things, like vacuum my house. The to-do list beckons :)

(But seriously, you should watch that musical.)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New layout...

So I just wasted WAY too much time doing a new blog layout ... one of my favorite ways to procrastinate :)

I like this new layout. It's simple and understated and not busy and I love the fonts!

Now I'm actually going to try to get some stuff marked off of my to-do list. Hope everybody's having a great afternoon!

Monday, February 21, 2011

PhotoBooth Fun with Luna :)

Gosh, I love this puppy :)

Apologies for my greasy hair and messy bangs ... I need a shower :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

So, I couldn't stay gone for too long...

Too many exciting things are happening lately, and I want to share them with you guys! So I guess I'm back, but in a very non-pressure way for myself ... Hopefully that's ok with everybody else :)

Things that are happening:

1) Luna is getting huge! Here are some current pics:

She loves her walks :)

I love this - she's all beagle :)

Wearing the cone of shame - she was spayed about 3 weeks ago, and we're going this afternoon for (hopefully) her final checkup ... she was allergic to her stitches, and liked to lick at her incision.

2) I got my hair cut - bangs!! I love it :)

3) I've been reading a ton - I think I'm on book 7 or 8 so far this year, and right now I'm reading Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I made a bucket list of books that's got about 95 books on it (and counting...) so I'm working on that.

4) This week in particular, I've been crafting crafting crafting ... I'm helping out with Kelly's lingerie shower in a couple of weeks, doing the decorations and such, and I've got all sorts of cute ideas up my sleeve. Pictures hopefully to come after the shower ... I want the decorations to be a surprise, and if I put them on here, Kelly will probably see them :)

5) We got a new dining room table! It's so pretty :) (The picture doesn't nearly do it justice...)

6) Mark bought me a new camera for Valentine's Day! It was supposed to be my birthday present, but because of all the happenings as of late, he wanted me to have it early so I could document all my fun times. It's a Nikon Coolpix S8100, and it's pretty awesome :) I love it! (I would post some pictures from it, but I seem to have misplaced the USB cables ... awesome...)

Anyway, there's a brief synopsis of what's happening in my world lately. Life is good!