Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On the job front, and other things

I applied for a job yesterday. It's in a hospital I like a lot, in a unit I've wanted to work in since I graduated - so I'm hopeful about that. However, it's a "flexi Carlson" shift, and I have no idea what that means. Nobody I know has any idea what that means, other than possibly staffing more people when the unit is the busiest. So I think it might be "flex," which is sort of a rotating shift. As long as it's a full-time, benefit-eligible position, I'd work any schedule they gave me. I would BEG for any schedule they'd give me, but I feel like that might look desperate and unprofessional.

Speaking of work, working here has been quite pleasant the last several nights I've been there. I like a variety - some super-duper-dying sick, some not-quite-so-sick, and some pretty-darn-cute-close-to-discharge. Last night was the not-quite-so-sick category - a pretty peachy assignment. Not a bad night at all. And I have two more like that (tonight and tomorrow night) and then - off to the lake for the Skinner/Shannon vacation!

Another thing to be excited about: Elissa is passing through Chattanooga tomorrow on her way to pick up her new pet hedgehog (squee!) So she's meeting me for a late lunch at Panera ... shocker, I know :) I'm really excited to see her. She was originally going to come to the lake, but ended up not being able to, so I was sad - but, she promised to help us move in to our Birmingham apartment! Thank God for another set of hands :)

Randomly: our cat has fleas. And I'm tired of it. So we're bombing the apartment tomorrow.

And one final thing: I really have to brag on Mark about his cooking abilities and house husband-ry :) A list of some of the dishes that he has made me: grilled tilapia with mango salsa, chicken cobb salad, roasted chicken with apples and leeks, ginger chicken with sesame spinach, pasta skillet, shrimp cakes, veggie stir fry, cashew chicken lettuce wraps ... and the list goes on. (I think I may have made him into a foodie! Yay!) Fairly recently, we have set out to try very hard to eat non-processed, fresh food with more fruits and veggies incorporated in our meals, and it's going well. I also have to brag: Mark is drinking water!! and very little Coke!! Granted, it's bottled water (that's the only way he'll drink it) but still ... it's water. And much, much more cost effective than soft drinks. So - way to go, hubby!

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