Friday, June 19, 2009


After three not-so-great days of work, freedom has come - I have 8 days off! And what will I do, you may ask, on those 8 days?


Which, in all actuality, means spending lots of time with Mark and the rest of our families, reading the oodles of books I'm bringing with me, riding in the boat (hopefully, if they can get the starter working), lounging in the lovely air conditioned climate ... just essentially being a bum.

We're leaving tomorrow afternoon-ish for Lake Oconee, and staying here:

Vacations with the Skinner family are always interesting to me - they involve essentially the things I mentioned before (lounging, doing nothing, etc.). Vacations with the Shannon family are typically itineraried, non-stop, go-and-do-and-see sort of experience, which I am very used to (since I was a Shannon for 22 years before becoming a Skinner.) So I like doing both. I like vacations like my mom and my sister and I took this March to Hilton Head/Savannah (there was a lot of going and doing and seeing there), and I also really like the laid back lakeside do nothing at all vacations with Mark's family. Best of both worlds :) Although, the last time we were at the lake, I was studying non-stop for the NCLEX, and had a sunburned rear-end (that's another story for another time) and it was not so relaxing as it was "ohdeargodpleaseletmepassboards!!!" But this time, no boards to study for, and I will remember to apply sunscreen AFTER taking off my shorts, so it will be lovely, I'm sure :) Pictures will be following our return! (No internet at the lake, so no posting from the lake.)

Side note: I need to know where to get CPR certified through the American Heart Association sometime between now and the end of July. (Preferably in Chattanooga, if anyone from Chattanooga reads this blog. Does anyone read this blog?) There's this ENORMOUS conflict in my schedule that comes from one of the great joys of working at night, and I really can't attend the class that's offered at work. And I have to have this to be able to work. So - if anybody has any info, send it my way, please!

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