Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 2: Fun Day at Sea!

Sunday was our first day at sea! We slept in, ordered room service for breakfast, and watched the Blind Side on our stateroom tv before ever emerging onto the decks :) Talk about lazy ... but it was our vacation, so why not?

Once we did get up and get moving, we went up to the upper decks to watch the ice-carving demonstration.

Getting a bit windblown...

The ice carving ... eventually, it said "MOM" for Mother's Day :)

We got some lunch at the Grand Buffet, did a quick wardrobe change (my cute little sundress was getting blown everywhere), and found a nice, shady place on deck where we could read. There is nothing in the WORLD like getting lost in a book on a ship deck with an AMAZING ocean view.

I mean, honestly, have you EVER seen water this blue? It was beautiful, and still so calm! It was like we were on the lake.

The amazing view from the fourth deck

I know my hair is an absolute mess, but I really love this picture of us :)

That night was Formal Night in the dining room, so we cleaned up our messy, wind-swept hair and beautified ourselves! My handsome hubby:

Me in my steal of a White and Black dress :)

At dinner - our tablemates were gracious enough to take our picture

That night, before dessert, all the waitstaff serenaded us with their rendition of "That's Amore!" It was lovely :)

I think I said this in my last post, but I loved the turndown service at night - what nicer thing could there be to coming back to your room after dinner to find your bed made and turned down for you, a cute little towel animal, and your itinerary for the next day's events? It was heaven.

Also, reader poll: what is this towel animal? My sister says an eskimo - any other opinions out there?

After ANOTHER wardrobe change (yes, I am guilty as charged of going through at least 2, sometimes 3, outfits a day) ... we headed back up on the deck to see the ocean at night. It is beautiful. This picture was shot with no flash, and I haven't photoshopped or edited it at all. So neat :)

And a ghostly version of ourselves on the ship's deck that night

It was such a fun day ... but it was nothing compared to the next two! Tomorrow: Jamaica!