Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Crazy Baby Dreams...

I woke up obnoxiously early this morning when Mark rolled over in bed, and it was in the middle of a really strange dream (I repeat - this was a DREAM) about going to a delivery in a church-y looking place, where they wouldn't even let us SEE the baby, let alone assess it. Then the church turned into this huge auditorium, and they were having a symphony concert in honor of the new baby. I was, randomly, with two gay guys who had also, randomly, brought flutes and piccolos and joined in the orchestra, which I thought was so strange. And then I was sitting next to the new baby, who was TINY and all wrapped up, and I noticed that she was doing some nostril flaring (which is a sign of resp. distress in babies), and so I asked if I could just see her for a second. Did a quick assessment while her grandma, who was holding her, was whining about it all, and she was retracting like WHOA. So I told her we needed to get her to the hospital right away. And then we took her outside, and she instantly became transparent so we could see all her internal organs, which was weird, and I called Cindy, my old assistant nurse manager from Chattanooga, and told her what we had and that we were bringing her in. And then, she had an OG tube, and cindy told me to take that out, and it momentarily fixed the problem, but then (because apparently her skin had disappeared or something) her heart and lungs fell out. Onto the ground. And my thoughts in my dream were, literally "Oh no - her heart is DIRTY!!!" Which is a problem indeed - but the larger problem was that her heart was not in her body. And I woke up to the sound of an ambulance - in my dream and in real life.

Craziness. I'm glad things like that don't happen in real life.

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