Wednesday, October 21, 2009

photo update :)

Just a few pictures to update with...

My baby car, the Jetta

And her back end...

I love this car!!!!

And now, an Emma update....

She's growing like a little weed. This video is actually from a little while back, when Mark and I were babysitting (puppysitting?) She's a fair bit bigger than this now, but it's a really cute video all the same. Despite the fact that I sound like an idiot on camera. (I don't know anybody who actually likes the sound of their voice on video/recording/whatever. It's weird. It doesn't sound like me.)


Mark got in the puppy bed and tried to be a puppy too. He's a bit large, don't you think?

Sweetest face on earth. She is so precious... even if she does pee on the floor sometimes :)

In other news unrelated to pictures - today was a good day :) Got the rest of the house cleaned up and made scones in time for Hannah to come. We had scones and tea and a lovely little catch-up time, and it was good. (I ate too many scones though, and now my tummy isn't so happy...) On Friday morning, we're off to see the fam in Chattanooga. The weekend will be packed, with Mark's bday stuff on Friday evening, then more time with my family (and maybe cassie?) on Saturday, and then Sunday we'll be hanging out with Sarah and Thomas (YAY!!). We'll leave that evening, come home, and Lissa will be coming over Sunday night around 10:30. She'll be here with us through Thursday, then it's Mark's birthday dinner with just us on Thursday night. Friday I work, and then Saturday Mark's family is coming here, and we'll have more cake :) Really busy week - but so good, with all the friends and family we'll get to see. It warms my soul just to think about :) I'm so excited! Just have to get through tomorrow....

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