Sunday, November 1, 2009

To be continued...

Round two of April vs. Birds has commenced...

The birds finally thawed, so I was able to get the nasty out of them, rinse them, stuff them, and rub them all over with butter. I also had to pluck a few leftover feathers from their wings ... that was not the most pleasant thing ever, but it was definitely better than eating them. They are cooking as we speak ... few minutes left now, so we'll see how they turn out.

I also cut a great big giant hole in my finger with a vegetable peeler while I was peeling potatoes... that was loads of fun. Just what I need - bleeding all over the rest of the food. But I got that washed and contained in a nice fingertip bandaid. The cut is pretty freaking deep, but it's on the very, very tip of my finger, and I'm honestly not sure what else any medical professional person would do with it ... I'll just have to wash it a lot, and keep it clean and dry (really difficult to do, unfortunately, when you're a nurse ... I think I might go get some tega-derms and some gauze and just totally wrap it up for work on Tuesday.)

Anyway, aside from the chaos/fiasco/whatever that this dinner has turned out two be over the last two days - I'll let you know how the final product ends up.

I'd better go - it sounds like my honey/orange juice glaze is about to explode in the oven. Lovely.

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