Monday, November 30, 2009

short and sweet

So, we're back in Birmingham ... Gainesville was fun, Thanksgiving was yummy, and work this weekend was good :) So now it's three days here, two days in Chattanooga, and back to work again.

Can I just say that I love my schedule? I mean, seriously. I came home last night, and realized that once again, I'm off for 5 days in a row. Gone are the days of exhaustion, and one day off at a time, and sleeping all day - I'm energetic, I feel good, I'm doing what I love (but only 2 days a week!) How I landed this I still don't know, but I'm so very, very grateful. I hate missing church on Sundays, but come January and the end of the holiday craziness, I'm going to start attending a Bible study on Thursday mornings. (The only reason that I haven't yet been is that we have been GONE every single thursday since I started my weekends, save one.)

Life is good. This week (and last) Mark has been working like crazy to complete his papers and research and stuff - always crunch time for school around this time. Hopefully we can put our tree up in the next couple days, and I can get my Christmas wreath made and do some decorating. And cleaning. I just can't seem to get caught up with the cleaning - I think it's because we're always gone. Maybe in January....

I really, really, love this guy :)

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