Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This whole "getting things done" thing is not working out so well for me. Yesterday, rather than getting up and doing things, I stayed in bed until noon. Lazy, much? Ran some errands yesterday afternoon, then went into work at 4. Stayed till like 8:30, came home, and went to Outback with Mark and Andy and Suzie. We didn't get out of there till nearly 11 - the poor guy who had to close had only been there a couple of days, and he was a bit slow. Nice, though...

Work has been insane. We're keeping a pretty steady census, which is nice, but it's just CRAZY. Feast or famine, for sure. At least my paychecks will be nice :)

This Christmas season has been so weird - I can't seem to get in the holiday spirit. Normally I am like OMGCHRISTMAS!!!! But this year I'm just sort of apathetic about it. I'm going to try to go get the last box from our storage room today and finish decorating (and I am NOT working today - too much to do!!) I don't know if it's because we're in Birmingham, or because my family is doing Christmas a bit differently, or because we haven't done any Christmas-y things, but I'm just not very festive-feeling. Maybe I can make some cookies or something and be a little more spirit-ed...

Now. I'm going to read until 9, and then I am going to GET UP. Tooo much to do.

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