Friday, November 5, 2010

Adventures with Luna, et. al.

It's been a couple of days since my last frantic post. Things are better. I apologize for using this space to blow off so much steam, but there were no real people available :) Thanks for being understanding and sympathetic, guys.

Things are better. I'm think I'm starting to figure Luna out. And I'm not being such a spaz (most of the time.)

I am a spaz sometimes. There. I said it.

Also, I miss my husband like CRAZY. I cannot wait for him to come home. This week, I gained SO MUCH respect for single moms. I can't even imagine, if one puppy wears me out this much....

Also, hello holidays!! It feels like winter today. I broke out the yellow cable knit today - it makes me happy. See?

Sorry for the horrid lighting... and for some reason I look all squished.
Anyway - holidays! They're just around the corner ... and that makes me excited! I wasn't ready AT. ALL. mainly because of the puppy. But after visiting my family, and talking about Thanksgiving, and my mom giving me a giant box of Christmas decorations... I think I can get in the mood :)

Oh. And on a more serious note...

You know how I said a couple posts back that Nanny was having a biopsy done?

Well ... it's cancer. Breast cancer, to be exact. She's having surgery and some radiation, and we don't know anymore than that at this point. So pray for her. She's in super-good spirits - they're all going out to dinner tonight, so she's handling things well. She's a pretty tough lady. But it's gonna be hard, and hard on Mark's family too.

Happy Friday, everybody - hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Okay, so I'm having trouble on staying signed in while I'm reading this, but it's Kelly!

    I think you look cute. And I'm glad things are better!

    I wish that I could be there to say something stupid and make you laugh. I like it better when we're together! That's one good thing about the holidays... we can all see each other! I sure hope you're gearing up for our thanksgiving pictures. I'm already excercising my facial muscles. And I might forcefully ask that Colton participate in a few too :)

    I can't wait!!!

    ps... I'll keep Nanny in mind. Cancer sucks.

  2. I'm excited about the holidays!! When we first got Mr. Darcy, I had some troubles...puppies are SOOOO much work!

    Will say a prayer for your Nanny.

  3. Aww. I'm praying for your Nanny.
    I'm glad everything is better.
    How is Luna?