Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm Still here...

So, I've taken sort of an unintentional break from blogging and the internet in general - between working overtime like crazy for two weeks, then Thanksgiving week we were out of town, trying to take care of Luna and her busy little self, and trying to get things squared away for Christmas, I just honestly haven't had time to log into anything at all.

A post will be coming soon about our Thanksgiving festivities, and after that, one about our Christmas decorations (which I'm slightly disappointed in - we have no tree this year because a certain furry someone will eat/destroy it...).

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving holidays were fabulous, and hope everyone's Christmas season is festive and happy and bright :) I'll try not to be gone for so long next time...


  1. Happy belated Thanksgiving to you, too!

  2. happy holidays!
    and just a thought - if you're set on a tree, baby gates work wonders with puppies! it's so easy to set up a couple around the tree while you're out for the day and take them down when you're home to watch over the pup and enjoy the tree!
    good luck! ;)

  3. Or a smaller tree you put on top of a end table? This has worked well for us in the past. Also our crazy puppy left the tree alone even on the ground much to our surprise.

  4. Stitch leaves the tree alone... and he's a crazy ferret!
    Well, I'm glad to hear about you!
    Can't wait to know more about your Thanksgiving festivities!