Friday, December 10, 2010

Luna update!

Today I'm posting about our sweet girl :) She is growing by leaps and bounds - when we got her, she weighed about 3 1/2 pounds, and now she's nearly 10! I can't believe we've had her over 2 months now ... where has the time gone?

Things are pretty wonderful with her lately. We've gotten past the "Oh my gosh I want to kill you every day" stage, and while I get frustrated with her occasionally, things are SO much better. I think it's a combination of her behaving herself better, and me being used to her. She's better at playing by herself when I need to do stuff (like blog - she's attacking a toy with energy I only dream of having), and she's started walking on her leash MUCH better.

And now, I'm sure you guys have all been waiting for some pictures!

This is one of Luna's cutest little tricks - she'll stand up for several minutes, licking peanut butter off a spoon! She loves the stuff, and it's the cutest thing ever!

Luna LOVES taking naps with Mark - it's their favorite thing to do together :)

Sweet little paw prints on my coffee table - I haven't been able to bring myself to clean them off!

One of Luna's favorite things to do is drag her blanket out of her crate, and then lay on top of it. In fact, anything she can drag across the room is her favorite thing. Lately, she's started jumping and grabbing my kitchen towels off the rack on my oven, and running away with them. 

You can tell my dog is spoiled by the fact that I spend way more money on her than I do on myself. Case in point: we went to PetSmart the other day and bought her a sweater and a coat for our walks this winter. She's stylin' in both of them here because it was SO COLD this morning.

 And Mommy had to get all bundled up too. This walking in 30 degree weather is maybe not my favorite thing in the world...

Cuddling with my little snow bunny before our walk - I sent this picture to Mark this morning :)

Luna's other favorite thing to do is dig. I don't know if you can tell from this photo, but it looks like she's trying to dig to China. Just like her Aunt Cocoa!

 My big girl - she's grown so much from when we first got her! She LOVES to sit in the sun, just like her Mommy :)

So sorry it's been forever since I've posted pictures of her on here! She is such a mess, but we love her to death. She's totally become a member of our little family :)

Seriously, how could you not love this sweet little face??


  1. 30 degree weather! You're so funny. It's going to be -2F here! LOL I wish for 30F weather! :))) lucky you!

  2. ugh. this is why i can't move north. i'm a southern girl through and through - i would just shrivel up and die in -2 degrees!

  3. -2degrees?! I would die too!
    This little Luna is just so adorable!! I love her!!
    Thanks for sharing all these pictures!! They are so sweet!!

  4. Little Luna! She's just the cutest thing.