Thursday, December 9, 2010

My fabulous idea!!

Since I have been such a terrible blogger lately, I'm going to try to do better. I have a lot to update you guys on - almost a whole month's worth of stuff! I'm sure you don't want a post that long. Enter: scheduled blog posts! Love this idea :)

You're gonna get a blog post from me every day all the way through my work weekend - I know you can't wait for that!

So, here's the first one:

Life in general update!

I know I gave a brief overview of this yesterday, but I'll expound on some stuff in a bit greater detail.

We're really optimistic about things right now :) With Mark starting his new job, and me getting to work quite a few extra days here lately, our financial worries have decreased significantly. Mark's new job could also potentially give us a chance to stay in Birmingham, as it gives him an "official" in. This is a really great thing, which we are very excited about.
Sadly, he does have to work every single day of the entire time we were planning to celebrate Christmas with both our families. He's off, of course, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and New Year's as well, but I work on Christmas Day and also New Year's Day, so I at least have to be in Birmingham then, and we do want to see each other at least on Christmas. So, with his blessing, I'm going without him. First to Chattanooga, then we'll be at home together for Christmas, and then I'm going with his family to Disney World. I feel incredibly guilty about leaving him here, but he wanted me to go. It's going to be a hard Christmas, different from anything we've ever done before, but it's just for a year, and it's a means to an end. (Although ... now that I'm thinking about it, next year, if I'm still here and still working weekends, I'll be working Christmas eve and Christmas Day both...)

Life with Luna has been just fabulous, but so busy that she gets a whole post to herself :)

And that's pretty much it for us. Mark is done with classes for this semester - I can't believe he's only got one more semester before he graduates! I'm so proud of him. And between us both working, taking care of Luna, and traveling for holidays (plus a few Christmas parties here and there), we're not doing much else.

Hope everyone's holiday season is very merry so far! I desperately need to start my Christmas shopping (and clean my house, and go to the grocery store ... what's a girl to do?)

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post!


  1. Your baby Luna is so cute! :))))

  2. YAY for jobs!
    I'm glad your financial worries have decreased!
    Hope you have a merry holiday season, even though this Christmas is going to be hard for you guys.

  3. Yay!!!!

    Hey. I'll call you soon!