Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No mistakes, only happy accidents!

I can't believe this is my 300th post! I was going to do something celebratory, but, like most things, it's just sort of snuck up on me, and I clearly haven't thought of anything at all.

The bad thing about pre-scheduled posts is that they leave little room for changes. (Especially when we're so busy with those changes that I can't post to my blog and update!)

I worked all weekend, like always. But you know how we were going to IKEA yesterday and getting a new bookshelf? Yeah. That didn't happen.

Mark had some stuff in a collection to finish up at his internship, and he asked if we could reschedule. I was disappointed, but said that was fine. And then Sunday night, Elissa texted me and said that her flight had been cancelled (she was flying from Seattle to Nashville, and there was snow!), and could she come and crash on my couch in Birmingham?

Little did she know that I'd been planning to surprise her and come to her birthday party in Nashville today! So after several phone calls to a couple different people, we got things worked out - she'd fly from Kansas City to Dallas Sunday night, spend the night in the airport, then fly to Birmingham early Monday morning. And then, depending on the weather, I'd drive her back to Nashville at some point and spend a few days.

She was tickled pink :) I love making her day!

So here I am - I picked her up at the airport yesterday morning, she crashed on my couch and took a long nap, and then we left yesterday afternoon for Nashville. Spent the evening with Price and Mel (her brother and sister-in-law), and now she's at work. I'm planning to knock out the Christmas shopping today (since I've done exactly NONE thus far, and our family Christmas is less than a week away!), then Lissa's birthday party is tonight, and I'll spend the rest of my time here reading and relaxing and trying to stay warm. Oh, and just as an aside ... it is 11 degrees right now. ELEVEN. I am not made for weather like this...

Wish me luck with all my shopping!


  1. OMG. 11 degrees?!
    I love your title! So optimistic!! :)

  2. Haha, my title came from a quote often said by this TV painter from the 80's named Bob Ross. He was really, really soft spoken, and pretty happy all the time, and that's what he always said on his show... "We don't have mistakes, just happy accidents."

  3. Dear April,

    You are my hero. Thanks for making my birthday beyond spectacular!