Monday, July 20, 2009

Here, There, and Everywhere (also, we love our apartment!)

Well, blogging world, I've survived my first Birmingham-Chattanooga-Birmingham weekend. It wasn't so bad. Not so limbo-y. I think I'm going to be okay. The excellent thing is that here (bham) I can be a housewife on a normal daytime schedule - we don't have curtains here yet, so the sunlight wakes me up early. It's nice - I can reset myself so much faster!

Unfortunately, my camera is dead, I can't find my charger (boxes EVERYWHERE!!), and I can't figure out how to get pictures from the memory card onto mark's computer to save. (I'm computer-dumb at some things. Good thing I'm married to a computer genius!) So no pictures today. But I will say - I love the apartment. The painting turned out WONDERFULLY, we just have the kitchen left to do in that aspect. The bathroom is done. I'm about to go tackle the bedroom - this scares me. And Elissa is coming today to help! Yay!

Things I like about our apartment:
-We have a kitchen window that looks out to our pretty tree in the "front yard" (ie patch of grass beside the sidewalk), and my pretty curtain-y thing from the last apartment that I made still fits!
-The new paint jobs look incredible
-The whole thing has the potential to look like actual grown-ups live here!
-We have a backyard. The living room has big sliding glass doors that look out onto our patio (big enough for patio furniture!) and a decent-sized patch of grass, and a fence around all of it! (And Mark's planning some sort of project for it. The yard, I mean. Woo!)
-We have BANISTERS! (It's my favorite part about the whole thing. I'll show you when I find the camera charger, etc.)
-There is a decent amount of storage space
-I love our living room :) (Or at least I will, when the boxes are out of it.)
-This apartment has POTENTIAL.
-The washer and dryer aren't in the kitchen! (And even better- they're in the bathroom! So convenient!)
-It has SIGNIFICANTLY better carpet than our last place.
-Our bedroom is huge
-So is the office :)

Love it!

Things I don't like about the apartment:
-The washer and dryer came pre-installed, and they are tiny. I miss my nice big whirlpool ones :(
-There's not really a great place for the litter box
-There's this nasty texture on a lot of the walls. Paint made it better, but still - eww. Not necessary.
-I wish all the counters were white instead of beige-y cream-ish
-One of our bedroom closets has a hanging rod, and the other has all shelves. This is awesome. Unfortunately, the hanging rod is anchored only to the shelf above it, so it sags when you put stuff on it. This could potentially be a problem - we need a brace for it.

That's really all so far. Verdict: favorite apartment thus far!! I guess we'll see once we've lived here a bit longer, but I like it a lot :)


  1. (ps... this is kelly) Ha! I have finally caught up with your blog. This time, I'll make sure to keep up with it, so I don't have like... 14 posts to read. Also, I think I'm going to make a blog myself, although it'll be mainly for jewelry advertisement. I'm pretty pumped :)
    I'm glad your peter is doing better. And have you decided you like that name? It's still in the top of the running for my firstborn.

  2. I like Peter for your baby's name, not mine :)