Tuesday, July 7, 2009

On Moving

Just a quick update:

We move a week from today. As stressed as I am about the next two weeks, and as worried as I am about the whole job thing (or lack thereof), I am really pleased with our progress toward the actual MOVING DAY. I'm a big list-maker ... and we have lists EVERYWHERE! Taped on the fridge are, I think, 3 different lists. Mark has earned the title of "Best Husband Ever" for putting up with me these last few weeks (as well as actually DOING what the lists tell him to ... I'm not so good in that area.) We have a bunch of boxes already packed, and have a pretty decent game plan for packing everything else.

So, the countdown:
I work tonight, and then tomorrow night. I'm off for three days after that, which will be go time for me. And then I work Sunday night, stay over for the CPR class, work Monday night from 1am to 7am, come home, sleep a bit, and then .... move! It's come so quickly, but I think this has been the best prepared that we have been of all the MANY times we've moved. I actually feel pretty good about things.

Life, bring it on.

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