Thursday, July 23, 2009

Home :)

At long last, I have finally calmed down enough/gotten the camera to work/saved all the pictures on mark's computer - and am posting pictures of the apartment!! Yay!!

Here is the entrance to our apartment, and our lovely tree in front! So pretty!

First view of the inside of the apartment: not so pretty. Brown ugly texture before...

...matching cream paint and pretty painting from Andy after! (Still the icky texture though. Yuck.)

Dungeon-y upstairs bathroom before (again with the nasty brown textured walls...)

And after! Pretty seafoam-ish color :)

Also, ugly brown textured kitchen before...

And after! (If you can't tell, that's blue paint on the wall.)

Now - we have wallpaper! (Better than the ugly brown textured paint - but still eww.)

And after! Lavender with pretties :)

And the objects of my day of shopping: LOVE this painting. LOVE IT. Can't wait till it gets hung up :)

AMAZING patio table! Green mosaic tile, on sale at World Market. Woo!

My cool backyard. Mark desperately wants to plant grass back here. It will be a fun project :)

Friends!! Lissa with her hedgehog, Pliny - isn't he ADORABLE???

And then last night, before Mark and I drove home late late late, Matthew came over and we had double date night at our place. This is the boys washing dishes. We thought it was cute.

And that's it for now! More later, I promise. But at the moment, I'm in Chattanooga for my first "official" week of the "on" part - work tomorrow and Saturday, off sunday, and then on again mon, tues, and wed. And then home again! Hopefully it'll go smoothly .... we'll see :) And now it's time to eat! (Perk of living in Chattanooga - my mom's awesome food!)

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  1. I think the purple bathroom is definitely my favorite. It turned out to be a lovely color :)
    and Pliny is adorable. Makes me want a hedgehog.