Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I really miss Mark. Really really really you have no idea how bad MISS him. And everything I love about him. (Like the look he often gives me when one of my family members is getting on my nerves. It's this "I know you're upset, but i think this is hilarious" kind of look. It really breaks the tension for me.) It's been hard at the house a bit, sometimes, just transitioning back to living with lots of people who tend to have a bit more drama than I'm used to. I swear, after Mark, I could never live with girls again (excluding Elissa, who is always my exception.) It's hard, because now that I finally feel like a grown-up, I'm forced into a situation where I'm not exactly in the place of one (although my family, for the most part, is doing an excellent job where all that is concerned, and I am so blessed and loved and lucky to have them.) I just want my husband. I don't say publicly enough, or often enough, how much I love him and how just INCREDIBLE he is. And how lucky I am to have him. And how I have no idea how I managed to land him, but now that I've got him, I'm keeipng him forever. Being away from him makes me appreciate all the things I love about him even more, and makes the things that I sometimes don't love (like him always leaving packages of food open on the inside of the box so they get stale - HATE THAT!!omg) not seem so bad after all. (Because I'd rather have Mark and stale cheerios than no mark and crunchy ones...) And it's not that we're particularly co-dependent, because we're both clearly functioning just fine by ourselves - but I just MISS him, and I want to be able to sit down and talk to him face to face, and I want a hug from him and to cuddle and for him to make me laugh ...

I miss him :(

On a more positive note, since that sounded so broody...

-Just two more nights of work after these last 3-ish hours (please please go by quickly, hours!)
-On thursday, after I wake up, I'm headed back to birmingham to see mark :)
-I might (i hope i hope i hope) have somebody to switch with me so I can stay for a week in birmingham this time. :)
-I can sleep all day long today if I want. which I do want. Really badly. (Here's hoping I can just stay asleep today...)

Speaking of sleep ... I love it. I love, love sleep these days... Cheers to sleeping - how I love thee :)

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