Saturday, July 25, 2009

Now we wait

New developments:

I applied for a job last night. Here's hoping something comes of it...

Another new development:
Apparently Mark is going to try to do full-time grad school and get a part-time job, and if that part-time job is not in his field, he's also going to try to volunteer for something history-ish or library-ish. I don't like this plan. But the thing is, we're broke. Which is ridiculous, and makes me really mad that I have a BACHELOR'S degree and I have worked in an INTENSIVE CARE UNIT for TWO YEARS, and it doesn't pay enough money to make ends meet for two people. Thank God we don't have kids- I don't know how single parents on our unit do it. Hopefully one of these jobs in the 'ham will come through and I'll get more money, but still... I guess we'll see.

Sometimes I wish I could go back to being a not-adult again. Life was a lot easier then. But then I wasn't married, and I'd rather be broke and stressed with Mark than worry-free without him. Give and take, I guess.

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