Thursday, July 16, 2009

Moved In!

(But not yet unpacked.)

Well, I made it through. Funny how life is like that. You think you're going to just DIE, and then somehow, magically, you don't. You live to tell about it, and you gain funny stories, more experiences, more colors on your paint pants, new pictures for your scrapbooks.

These last few days have been so much easier than I ever imagined, mostly due to my fabulous husband and family and friends. On Tuesday, while I slept off a crazy two previous days, they (our band of 6 dutiful workers) packed up our entire side of the duplex and loaded it onto the truck in 3 hours. They came to eat lunch, and we went back and cleaned. About an hour or so later, we were off. Got to the 'ham around 5-ish, unloaded everything (just me, Mark, Dad, and Thomas) in about another 3 hours. (Dream team, right there.) It was a good day. Long, but good.

Then yesterday, we unloaded the washer and dryer and pushed them up a HUMONGOUS hill (actually, not me. just dad and mark and thomas. i would have died) to our storage room. Took the truck back, organized my kitchen, unpacked a few more things. Dad and Thomas left, and I went to buy paint.

Today, we started painting. Thus far we've primed a wall, a large bathroom, and a small bathroom, and painted on top of the primed wall. Not too shabby, I say. We still have to paint the office (Aloe Vera!), the bathroom (Delicate Mist!), the downstairs bathroom (Luscious Lavendar!), and prime and paint the kitchen (First Light!). So lots to do ... but we're going to try to finish everything but the kitchen tonight. Which means that I should probably get on that.

Pictures will come soon.

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