Friday, January 22, 2010

I Need to Get Up

...but I don't want to. Sooo tired ...

In preparation for our cruise, Mark has decided that he wants to lose some weight. He's thinking about doing the p90x program - does anybody know anything about it? I know it's pretty tough, but has anybody actually done it, or know someone who has? I'd like to know that it works before we spend money on it. (And if we do spend money on it, he'd better do the thing....) So feedback would be appreciated :)

Ahhh, our cruise.... Everytime I think about that, I get excited. It will be SO NICE to just relax and have fun and go to the Caribbean (where I have never been before), and while the cruise is 5 nights, I'll get a full 12 days off, if I don't happen to work extra before or after we go :) That will be a really nice break. We're going at the beginning of May, right after Mark gets out of school. (All his friends will be jealous!!) This is our cruise... Cruise!!! I can't wait to go on it :)

*sigh* Time to make a grocery list, I suppose... that's my goal, grocery shop, make lunch, maybe make some treats to take to work with me.


  1. Hi friend!

    I have P90X that Mark can borrow if he wants. He just has to take care of it and give it back.

  2. That would be great! Who has it? (And did it work for them?)

  3. Oh my goodness, you must be so tired! one of my best friends is an ICU nurse at the VA Hospital, and two of my cousins are NICU nurses (that's where you are, too, right?). It sounds so overwhelming all the time. Hang in there! That cruise will be a GREAT time to relax and spend some quality time w/ your husband. :)

    A ton of people I know have done/are doing P90X. Everyone who's stuck with it has seen great results. But it sounds super brutal.