Monday, January 11, 2010


Happy report: we are off the mountain! (And have been since Saturday night, actually... I'm a bad updater.)

Saturday afternoon, we were rescued by a super nice man in a pickup truck with 4-wheel drive! He literally towed our car up the icy part of the mountain (the part that made us stuck) and then drove down to the safer part to make sure we were home free. Thank you, thank you, thank you! So we got back to Birmingham, safe and sound, by about 8:30 or 9 that night.

One last set of pictures, this time from when Kelly came to visit!

She came on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and we hung out that afternoon, and then her boyfriend, Colton, came over for dinner and to meet us for the first time. I loooove him!! He's so sweet :) And totally perfect for Kelly - they're all artsy and cool and precious together, and Mark and I are just old and dorky and nerdy. But that's okay :)

So then, the next day, we all went to see Avatar (which is FANTASTIC, by the way), and then went to Colton's house for dinner with his family. (Which is HUGE.) (His family AND his house, actually.) Dinner was yummy, and then we played telephone pictionary which is a really awesome large-group game to play, and then we played rockband for a while.

So now come the pictures.

New Year's Eve: That afternoon we went shopping, and I got my very first pair of skinny jeans EVER. Only because of Kelly. I always think I look stupid in them - but Kelly says I look good in them, so I got them. (They were cheap-cheap at Plato's Closet, woo!)

Then that night was a party at Colton's house. Here's Kelly, looking awesome as usual, right before we left.

Love my sister!!

So the party was fun, and we headed back early to hang out with Andy and Suzie for New Year's, and I promptly drank a cocktail and fell asleep. I'm old. And boring.

The next morning (ish) Kelly and I played an awesome game of Scrabble.

She was not happy about her hand.

And then she showed me why. Ew, right?

I mean, seriously, that sucks.

But the game was awesome anyway.

And Kelly ended up winning (by 3 points), despite her hand from Hades!!

She always does the best victory dances :)


After our Scrabble extravaganza, Colton invited us to go bowling with him and some of his and Kelly's college friends and his sister, so we did!

I got completely OWNED because I am the worst bowler ever to exist. Seriously. We played two games: I scored a 37 and a 58, consecutively. Not kidding. When I say I'm bad at something, and it's sports-related, you should believe me.

But everybody was super nice about it, so it was okay :)

And here's Kelly and her boy - they are so cute!

So that was two weeks ago, and then we went to (and got stuck in) Gatlinburg, and here I am now :) Cooking and working and doing laundry this week - and after that, hopefully I can just chill and maybe scrapbook some for a bit. I'm tired of traveling.

I've got to go fix dinner now (which I'm actually excited about - roasted veggies and chicken in a marinade of olive oil, lemon juice, rosemary, sage, and garlic - yum!!) Hope everybody stays warm!

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