Saturday, January 9, 2010

Trying Again...

In several ways.

This morning dawned Day Two of being Snowed In. I looked out the window, and there are icicles on our car. Not exactly the best sign ... but maybe the sun will come out and it will warm up, or there will be some Patron Saint of Snow Chains that passes our way. Either way, I desperately want to get off this mountain today.

I need to be more optimistic.

So I figured I'd at least try to post some more pictures to pass the time...

We're here!! This was the first night that we got here, and we went to our cabin, unloaded the car, and headed back out to the Old Mill Restaurant. It had really good Southern food, and we basically gorged ourselves :)

Andy and Suzie too!

That night, it snowed! Not a lot, just enough to dust the ground with maybe a half inch of white powder. It was FREEZING though, obviously :)

Our pretty snow-covered cabin!

The view from our back porch

Emma joins in the fun - she liked to eat the snow

Emma and her Daddy play inside where it's nice and warm.

That afternoon, we went into Gatlinburg. First stop: the Apple Barn (and its surrounding shops) to eat lunch and shop a bit.

Kisses for my hubby!

Andy tries to tell Mark he loves him too - but Mark isn't wanting it. :)

We posed in front of a frozen waterfall...

the girls!!

And finally took one of those Old-Time pictures. We'd never done it before, and I never realized how gross it would be to put on those clothes - but I think the picture turned out pretty well :)

So now, the goal is to get home. We're going to run out of food again if we stay here much longer...

Pray for the roads to clear!!

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  1. Minus the snowed-in part (which, scary!!!! I'm glad you guys didn't get hurt or anything trying to drive out!), that looks super fun!! The old-time picture turned out so great! And also, that frozen waterfall makes it look SO cool. It kind of makes me wish I live somewhere with snow.

    Also, sort of in the same way that 3 am study groups form a special bond, I'm betting being snowed in together does some of that too? :)

    Stay safe! I'll pray you get out soon!