Friday, July 30, 2010

Fill-in-the-Blank Friday!

As always, if you want to play along, check out Lauren's blog! Here we go...

1.  The last thing I do before going to sleep is       kiss Mark goodnight     .

2.  When I can't sleep I      rub my feet on the fitted sheet - for some reason, I've always done this, even when I was little, and it helps me relax. Weird, I know.  .

3.  The first thing I do when I wake up is      pee. And check blogs.   .

4.  When I'm tired I       am not a happy person. Depending on how tired I am, sometimes I'll curl up wherever I am and just fall asleep, and then not want to move.   .

5.  My dream bedroom would be     huge, with our current bedframe (I love it!), only king-size and a blue/white/brown theme. The palest of blue walls, almost white. Lots of big windows. Dark brown dressers with fun knobs. Hardwood floors with a big white rug. Two walk-in closets (so Mark can have his own) with special shelves for my shoes and a little sitting area. A reading nook with a big comfy chair against its own window. A big bathroom with a claw-foot tub and a separate shower. Oh, if only...  .

6.  If I could wake up anywhere tomorrow morning it would be       on a farmstay in Italy, in a stucco bedroom looking out over vineyards and tomato plants. Please?   .

7.  The longest sleep I've ever had was      I honestly don't remember - it was either the time I had my wisdom teeth removed, or possibly when I had a really severe case of TMJ and they prescribed me a muscle relaxer. Either way, I was sedated. I'm not a big sleeper - 7 or 8 hours a night, and I'm good to go.       .


8.  I sleep on my     tummy. It's going to be bad when I get pregnant - I will NEVER be able to sleep  .

9.  When I sleep, I like to wear        t-shirts, and depending on how hot or cold I am, just underwear, shorts, capris, or flannel pjs. And in the winter, I've been known to sleep in a hoodie and sweatpants. I like to be warm when I sleep  .

10.  My bedtime is usually      around 10.  When I work, it's more like 9. Mark calls me a grandma       .
Also, a quick update..
Yesterday was a fun-filled day. I had a day-long battle with soap scum. I hate cleaning the bathtub more than anything in the whole world, because for some reason, it builds up soap scum like nobody's business. I don't know if it's the natural soap I use, or if it's whatever cheap material that the tub is made of, but I was literally scraping it off with a spatula yesterday. RIDICULOUS. And it really hasn't been that long since I cleaned it the last time. So today, I think I'm going to go and buy either some vinegar or some lemons (or lemon juice) and coat the bathtub in it and let it sit for a while, and then get a toothbrush or something and scrub scrub scrub. What sucks is that in a week or two, it'll be just as bad all over again. 
Anybody have any really good soap-scum prevention ideas?
Amid my intense fight with the soap scum, I also went to Samford and met Mark for lunch. It's always a little odd going back there ... every time I go, I feel older, and it feels like some imprint of a home that I've nearly forgotten. It's a very strange feeling. But it's not uncomfortable ... I still love that campus. I forget how hilly it is though - my calves always hurt after I go visit! (Maybe I should walk around campus all the time - and then my calves would look good instead of hurting!) 
We finished Season 4 of 24 ... and Mark wouldn't let me start watching season 5 last night, because he said he didn't want to watch another 4 hours :) Oops ... I get a little intense sometimes. :) I can't help it though - the cliffhangers are as bad as the ones on LOST, but you aren't quite as confused about WHAT THE HECK is happening.
Happy Friday! It's almost the weekend! 


  1. I'm a stomach sleeper who goes to bed at ten too :) You're not the only grandma! Ha!

  2. Tip for the bathtub: Try using shaving cream...the kind that is super foamy not the gel. Leave it on for a little bit (an hour or so)then wipe off and rinse with water. :) Works like a dream.

  3. love these lists!!!

    when i can't sleep--i usually discover i am rubbing my feet together! i've done it forever! such strange little habits :)

  4. I love going to bed early... when I can fall asleep that is! Love your dream house/bedroom/bathroom - definitely dreamed myself a couple of times! :)))

  5. I think your dream bedroom sounds absolutely perfect! Love the light blue walls, love the dark furniture, but especially love the reading nook! And yes, I just stumbled on your blog, but felt the need to say hi and comment!

  6. haha my husband calls me a grandma too...when you have to get up so early to work you need your sleep! they just don't understand :)