Monday, July 26, 2010

Pictures! (Or, I'm Back!!)

Finally! I'm posting pictures from like 3 weeks ago ... a few of these you may have already seen, but I can't remember what I've posted and what I haven't, so you'll just get to look at them again. Quick recap: Mark left on Saturday, Kelly came on Monday. Tuesday we went to Samford to take books back and make pictures. These are at Samford...

Then we came back to the house to make ice cream and start our ravioli adventure.

Ice cream! It was delish!


Later that afternoon, we started making mushroom ravioli. It took 3 hours. It was a long process.

Kelly kneads the pasta dough...

Spooning the pasta onto the rolled dough...

The finished product. It was pretty freakin' good.

On Wednesday, we went to the Birmingham Museum of Art.

It was pretty fun, and we got some good pictures, but man it was FREEZING in that place.

So we escaped outside to the sculpture garden...

Where Kelly got eaten by a cloud. Sad day.

I snatched her back, and that night we got to see Colton. (Much to Kelly's delight.)

The next day, we went to Sno-Biz.
We love Sno-Biz.

That night we went out to eat with the amazing Laura Echerd at Firebird's. It was SO yummy.

We dressed up for the occasion. Because who doesn't love dressing up?

Friday was a busy day. We cooked up a storm that morning, and Kelly incinerated some bacon in my microwave. It was impressive. We were going to Colton's later that afternoon, so we made cookies for his family.

Peanut butter cup cookies, to be exact.
Oh, yum.

Then we went to this petting-zoo-type place at Oak Mtn. State Park.

The animals were very, very friendly.

And they had the cutest baby donkey in the whole wide world.

Honestly, don't you just want to lay down and cuddle with him?

Kelly made friends with this goat. And then he stepped on her foot. Oh well.

Then we went and saw Toy Story 3 with Colton. I can't say enough good things about that movie. It was wonderful, and I cried like a baby.

And then I had to work the weekend, which was sad. And on Monday, Kelly and I left early in the morning and I went to meet my hubby at the airport!

So, now you're all up to date on pictures. I will soon finish my current roll, and then you'll get to see life on Hannah's farm, and hopefully some adorable pictures of Kelly and Colton if I can get them to comply today.

Happy Monday, everybody! I'm off to freeze some tomatoes :)


  1. Toy Story 3!!! I loved it!
    I saw it this last weekend!! It was great!!

  2. I am so impressed by all of your cooking! Especially the ravioli from scratch! The petting zoo looks like so much fun!

  3. LOVE these pictures! i want to be a part of each of them!

  4. You two have the most gorgeous hair - I'm so jealous! And that baby donkey is so darn cute.