Monday, July 5, 2010


I feel pretty icky this morning.

Probably a combination of the 2 BBQ sandwiches I ate at our 4th of July lunch yesterday (I haven't eaten that much fatty meat in a long time) and the fact that I once again woke up at 4:45 AM (thanks to Mrs. Norris, this time.) And I'm nervous.

I read blogs for a while this morning, and then tried to call Mark. It went straight to voicemail. So of course my immediate thought train was less-than-logical: he's forgotten to call/he's forgotten about me/he let his phone die/something bad happened. Let's try none of the above. I waited a while, called again, still went to voicemail. And then I semi-freaked and called his dad, who said that he'd just dropped the group off at the airport and they were checking in. And that I should try Thomas (Mark's brother). Oh. Right.

So I call Thomas, and Mark answers, and says "Hey, we're checking in at the airport - I was planning to call you while we're waiting to board." Oh. Right.
"But your phone is dead!!!" I say.
"No, I just turned it off because I didn't WANT it to die," says my logical-thinking husband.

Come on, April. Your husband isn't going to forget to call you right before he leaves on a week-long trip seriously lacking in the communication-services department. He's also not going to call you at 5am and not wake you up before he leaves his parents' house. He's going to do the intelligent thing, and call you while he has an hour or two of downtime.

*Sigh* I am such a worrier. It is so silly of me. I have no reason to be nervous this morning. Flying is a safe way to travel. Much safer than driving. But all I can think of is plane crashes.

I need to be busy. I have a to-do list, and there are plenty of things on it. I want my house looking lovely when Kelly gets here. But between feeling icky and worrying of all the potential ways that Mark could die (yes, I know, a bit extreme ... but nurses tend to think in worst-case-scenarios... or this one does, at least...), "WASH THE DISHES!!!," even in electric fuschia, is not terribly motivating.

I will feel better when Mark calls me back. And I will feel even BETTER at 11, when Kelly gets here.

Oh dear. My washing machine sounds like it's about to spin-cycle all the way into space. I should probably go make sure it doesn't....

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  1. aww, I'm still praying for Mark and for YOU, being by yourself while he's gone.
    ha ha about the washing machine...everything okay there?