Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy morning :)

Instead of being by myself in the bed this morning, I am joined by my sister!!

She is a Godsend :)

It is nice to have company in my house. Mark thankfully got to Belize safe and sound yesterday, so that made me feel better, and having Kelly here is wonderful. We grocery shopped and watched a movie and made bruschetta, and last night, we had a sister-dance-party. It was wonderful. It's nice to have someone you can be completely crazy with, and you know they don't care (cause they're being crazy too.)

Today, we've got to go to Samford and drop some books off for Mark, and maybe we'll take some pictures. We're also going to try our hand at homemade ice cream! The plan is for chocolate, with pieces of frozen strawberries and toasted sliced almonds thrown in ... yummmmm. I'll let you know how it goes.

Mark took the digital camera with him to Belize, so there will be pictures of this week, but in film form, so you're just going to have to be patient (and I am too.) We shall see. I'm practicing on my manual focus skills, and I really really wish I had a camera like Kelly's, where you can adjust the shutter speed and stuff. Oh well. Maybe in a couple months.

Hope everybody has a lovely week - I know I will! (Even though I miss my hubby terribly.)

So excited to spend my week with this crazy, silly, wonderful lady!!


  1. can't wait to see some food photos!!! everything sounds wonderful!

    you lovely ladies have a fabulous time :)

  2. aw, fun! I love my sister so much. it's so good that you do too! and it sounds like tons of fun!
    who is older?

  3. I'm older, actually, by 4 years. But people say we look like twins all the time :)

  4. Yay for sisters! And yay for Mark getting in safely! I always worry about traveling, too. But it sounds like you're both going to have a great time!

  5. I'm glad you're going to have such a great time with your wonderful sister!!
    I think that ice cream will be YUMMMMMMY!!
    I didn't know you are 4 years older than your sister!! You look like twins!! I thought maybe you were older, but just by 1 or 2 years!
    Hope you have fun and take some good pictures!