Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Aldridge Gardens

I FINALLY got an SD drive for my computer, so welcome back, pictures!

I think what I'm going to do in order to catch up is just post one "event" a day until we're back to normal.

So that makes today Aldridge Gardens, back when Kristine came to visit. This was the first day she got here, when we were walking and taking pictures and deciding that yes, in fact, it WOULD be fun to go to the beach. So now, without further ado...

The flowers were SO GORGEOUS OH MY GOSH.

I never did figure out what this one was...

But it was pretty :)

Me and Kristine

Pretty bench in the park

Camelias ... soooo pretty :)

I love it :)

I also liked these .. but now I don't remember what they were.

This is, I think, the best picture I have ever taken. It isn't digitally enhanced (or any other kind of enhanced) at ALL. I was surprised when I saw it...

This one's pretty good too

Looking up into the camelia tree? bush? thing...

This coloring was my favorite. Can you tell?

Kristine plays with the bunny from Aesop's Fables

more pretty flowers...

And that's all for tonight. More tomorrow!

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