Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm back..

... but still no pictures :( I'm picking up a new drive tomorrow. I give up - mine is lost forever. (But where on EARTH could it have gone???)

I feel like a housewife from the 50's tonight.

I'm wearing a pretty sundress, dinner for tomorrow night is marinating in the fridge, and those dishes are done, and I'm getting ready to start on tonight's dinner while I wait for Mark to get home. Oh, and Frank Sinatra is playing in my living room.

A short recap of the last two weeks, sans pictures:

Destin was fun. I got sunburned. We stayed on the beach the large majority of the time, and it was beautiful. I read the entire second Harry Potter book in one day. (That was when I got so sunburned.) Good catching up times with Kristine, too - we talked and talked and talked. (Not much else to do on a 5+ hour car drive...)

I came back on Thursday, spent time with Mark on Friday, had an excellent Easter weekend at work, and then headed out for Nashville on Monday.

My week in Nashville was full, and wonderful. Monday night, we cooked, using Elissa's new Wine Lover's Cookbook (which I subsequently bought as well). Dave came over for dinner, and the three of us and Tab, Lissa's roommate, ate with us. Tuesday was the cookout. Wednesday we went to a disappointing knock-off Bodies exhibit, and then cooked again. Thursday we ate lunch with Mel, and went to Trivia that night. And I left at about 6 AM on Friday morning.

Worked this weekend. It was good.

And tomorrow, we're reinstating the weekly dinners that we used to do with Andy and Suzie. We're using the cookbook I mentioned above, because we're all interested in trying and (hopefully) liking new wines, so it should be fun. We're starting with the Indian chicken with nectarine chutney that we ate at Lissa's house on Monday night, paired with a Gewurztraminer (which I hadn't even ever heard of before...). It was delicious. I hope mine turns out as good...

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to do a brief picture recap, and tell you about our backyard and its progress!

Hope everybody has a great Monday night :)


  1. so glad you had a great time in nashville! and destin!!!
    i love summer dresses and cooking! how fun!

  2. Pictures, pictures!! I want pictures!! :D
    You read Harry Potter in just ONE DAY?!!!
    OMG!! Yeah, now I understand the sunburn...

    Glad you had a great time!
    I need a break like that: going to the beach, hanging out with friends, visiting my family... I really need that. NOW.

    Can't wait to see your pictures :)