Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I can't believe it's already Wednesday...

Happy Wednesday to everybody! I don't know about you guys, but this week has flown by already - probably because I worked extra on Monday.

Mark and I have been trying a new exercise adventure - it's not very adventurous, really, but hopefully we'll actually continue to do this one. We've started walking every morning. (Well, every morning that I don't have to work...) I figure we do about 2-2.5 miles each time, so it's a decent amount of walking... I'd rather do a lot farther, but Mark doesn't seem to want to. Hopefully tomorrow we can do a much more strenuous trail at Oak Mtn.

After we got back from our walk this morning, I headed straight into the kitchen to try my hand at quiche for brunch/lunch today... We'll see how it goes. I am quite ashamed to admit that I did not try to make my own crust (the lack of food processor is a definite hindrance to making pie crust), but instead used store-bought refrigerated crust, which cracked and did not quite fill up my 9.5-inch pie pans. (WHY do they make pie pans 9.5 inches when pie crust recipes and store-bought crust CLEARLY say it's meant for a 9-inch pan?? I will never understand this.) So some of the quiche mixture seeped over the top of the crust, and it won't be very pretty. I'm hoping that it will taste good, at least... I guess we'll find out in about 40 minutes.

Now, I'm off to hit the shower while the quiches bake and maybe start a load of laundry (or finish doing the dishes) before it's time to eat.

Hope everybody has a lovely hump day!


  1. It's hump day! That means we're halfway done! :D mmm quiche :) hope your wednesdy goes well! (i did a happy wednesday post as well!) cute blog by the way!

  2. Well, I'm late! So instead of happy Wednesday... HAPPY THURSDAY!! haha
    I'm glad you're having a good week! :)
    Walking and doing some exercise is good! I'm glad for you, guys!
    I'm sure that quiche will be YUMMY!!
    Take pictures please!!