Friday, April 30, 2010

Good morning!!

It's a lovely day outside already - the birdies are singing me songs, and the sun is shining through my window. I'm back in Birmingham today - Mark will wake up in a couple of hours and we'll go take our morning walk. We're having date day today! Out to eat for lunch, then I'll hit the grocery store for dinner tonight and make yummy food out of my food and wine cookbook. And he's taking me to see Thoroughly Modern Millie at Samford tonight - his idea! What a fun day :)

I am sad that my week with Lissa is over :( Update in pictures from the rest of the week:

One morning, my mom and I played a duet on our keyboard. Lissa took pictures. I look sort of like Quasimodo the way I'm hunched trying to see to play and reach the keys at the same time... (Plus, my hair was wet. I'm looking rough.)

Piano hands!

Yesterday, we went to tea! There's this tea room in Ooltewah called Beyond the Garden Gate, and it is absolutely lovely and completely girly. So much fun :)

Pictures outside!

Me and my pretty Mommy :)

We got inside, sat down, and then a group with a couple of little girls came in, and the ladies at the tea room got them HATS to wear!! So Lissa and I decided that we wanted hats too.

The tea room lady picked out the purple one to "match" Lissa's outfit, but we thought not so much. So she snuck out and got a white one. Much better. She looks like she could be attending the Kentucky Derby this weekend :)

We had such a good time! (Not really sure why my blogger decided to start underlining everything...)

Sadly, I probably won't be seeing Elissa for a little while at least. But the happy news: it's only a week until we cruise! I cannot WAIT.

Hope everyone has a very happy Friday and a good weekend!

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