Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's already Wednesday again!!!

My weeks are passing in a blur. I can't believe we are this close to cruising!!!

First of all, because I promised: a picture of my quiche!!

It was really yummy :)

This week, I'm at my parents' house through tomorrow. Elissa is here too. It is our last hurrah before she starts dayshift.

What you've missed since Friday's Fill-in-the-Blanks:

Saturday and Sunday, I worked. They were good, slow days. I'm ready to pick up the pace a bit again, but it appears that everybody's census is down (and when I mean everybody, I mean the entire Southeast... any NICU nurses out there? Is this true?) So maybe I'll just have to be a bit more patient, and enjoy these slower days while I can.

Monday morning, I headed out - arrived in Chattanooga around noon-ish. We had a pleasant, slow day. Elissa got here that afternoon, and we talked and caught up and looked at pictures, and then we played Speed Scrabble with my mom that evening. Fun times!

And yesterday was my Daddy's birthday. Happy birthday to him! We went to the aquarium, and then Kelly and Colton came over and we had dinner at a hibachi grill. Yummmy!!

Pictures of yesterday:

We started at the Ocean Adventure side, with the butterflies, which is my very, very favorite part of the aquarium :)

I thought this butterfly was GORGEOUS!

Hibiscus :)

Me and Lissa!

Lissa made a friend while we were there... and carried him around for quite a while.

My Mommy and Daddy

Pretty blue butterfly - my favorite! I spent the whole time trying to get a picture of these, and they didn't want to land on anything.

We moved on - to the penguins!!

And then we saw jellies. I love to look at them ... they're so other-worldly, and ethereal

Can you find the tiny sea horse?

Mr. Alligator thought I looked tasty

After a long day at the aquarium, we went to Shogun for dinner! So yummy!
My dad, mom, and grandma

Me and Lissa

So glad Kelly and Colton got to come too!

Back home, for cake and birthday presents!

Unwrapping gifts

He likes the polo shirt from Mark and me!

Kelly's present was the best of all, though. She wrote and performed a Birthday Rap (with Colton's assistance) ... it is worth watching. My sister is amazing :)

So today, I'm not sure what's in store. We might take a little field trip to my mom's friend's house and see her chickens (who lay green eggs! they're soooo pretty - and yummy, too.) And I think Lissa and I might venture downtown to coolidge park and the carousel ... hopefully it'll be a bit warmer today. We shall see...

Hope everybody has a happy Wednesday!


  1. Wow, that quiche looks so good! I love quiche...yummy!! :)

  2. 1) That quiche: YUMMMMMY!!
    2) Ugh. Butterflies. I have a phobia about butterflies. Sorry!!
    3) The video is sooo funny!! Your sister & her boyfriend are great!!

  3. Oh wow that clear butterfly is amazing!

    That's your friend who had Lyme disease, right? She looks AMAZING! So healthy and glowing!

  4. Yes, that is my friend who had Lyme disease :) She does look pretty awesome - it makes me happy. I love being able to eat with her now!