Monday, October 11, 2010

Life with a Puppy

We are officially exhausted. I had no idea how similar 6-week-old puppies and babies are... We've been getting up every two hours at night to take Luna out. She's not quite used to her crate yet ... but it's getting better. Last night was the best night yet, actually.

Poor Mark had a rather long weekend, as I was at work both Saturday and Sunday all day long. He's not much of a morning person ... but Luna is the ultimate morning puppy, so that was a little bit hard. Naps are good.

What IS going well, though, is potty training ... the last couple days, she's gone to the door when she needs to go out. Not consistently, but I think she's learning what to do, and it's a really encouraging start.

Right now, she's napping beside me, and what am I doing? I'm blogging. I should be running around, cleaning like mad before she wakes up. You know that chore list that was going so well, and our house was staying so clean? HA. That kind of got thrown out the window ... we're working on it, and the house isn't a total disaster by any means, but it's hard to vacuum, and it's really just hard to get a few minutes to clean much of anything. Oh well ... work in progress, I guess.

But despite all of that, and all the crying and the waking up at night and the exhaustion ... we love her. She's become our baby, and she's adorable, so how can we really get mad at her?

Here's some new pictures for you all to enjoy :)


  1. I am sorry you are getting no sleep! Puppies are quite a bit like babies. Do you guys put a blanket over the crate to make it seem darker & more "bed-time" like? That might help. Good luck, hopefully she will grow out of this stage quickly. Crate training is the best though. We found Lily's little mind went crazy when we left her home and if she was in her crate she would relax and sleep (and NOT destroy the house) so even if at first it seemed a little mean to have her in there, it really was the best thing for her. We still sleep her in it at night and she is 5 years old.

  2. What the cutest puppy ever! Don't worry it will get better soon! They are worse than real babies :) Like sarah said above, maybe put something like a blanket over the crate, this helped with ours. Have fun with her, I wished all of mine were still puppies :( Their all old now :(