Friday, October 8, 2010

Mommy is tired today :(

After Life with Luna, Night 2, this puppy mommy is pretty exhausted.

I feel like I'm starting to understand how new moms feel, just a little bit... And, to all the moms in blogland, by no means am I saying "oh my gosh, this is as hard as a new baby!" No way. I wouldn't even begin to imagine how exhausted mommy-hood is... (well, I might be able to imagine, but I'm sort of glad I'm not there yet.)

Luna did fairly well in her crate last night... she actually got in it and went to sleep without a lot of fuss (aside from the fact that the first time I tried to put her to bed, she was instantly ready to PLAY!), but then she woke up really often, and accidentally peed in her crate on my t-shirt that was in there, and she cried for a while after I took her out at 3:30 this morning. She was ready to play then, too, but Mommy was having none of it.

Today, we've had a couple of accidents, and we're having a bit of trouble adjusting to the crate still. I'm trying my hardest to make it comfy and happy and den-like - she has chew toys and a soft blanket or t-shirt at all times that I either wear or sleep with so it smells like me. We have a blanket over the crate, too, so it stays dark, or at least a little dim. But she's just not used to being by herself, and she definitely doesn't like being enclosed when she's awake. I guess it's a work in progress.

Making matters worse, yesterday morning, when I was taking her out to use the bathroom, I tripped and scraped about half the skin off by big toe. It's still a bit red, a bit swollen, draining like crazy, and hurting really really badly. The more I walk, the more it oozes and hurts (and you can imagine how much time I'm spending with my foot propped up - this, in fact, is the first time today.)

Graphic picture warning ... if you get squeamish when you see hurt places or nasty cuts, don't scroll down. (It really doesn't look that bad in the picture, honestly, I just like to warn people because I'm not normal, and don't have any type of gross-filter at all.)

Owwie :( it hurts a lot worse than it looks ... I sound like a big baby, but it really is more red than the picture looks like.

No pictures of the baby yet today ... I've been too busy avoiding accidents and trying to get clothes and dishes washed, and soup in the crockpot to take any thus far. I'm sure there will be some new ones this afternoon after Daddy gets home!

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  1. Aw. I'm sorry for you! Hope your toe gets better! It must hurt a lot!!