Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back in Chattanooga....

I'm back for work for the last time. (Not back for the last time, much to the assured relief of my family and friends here.)

We finally got our box springs today - still waiting on the bed. Seriously, it's been over a month now - I'm getting impatient. We've paid for it on the credit card already, and I want to be sleeping in it! Pictures to come as soon as we get it.

Andy and Suzie are settling in pretty well, it seems like - Andy's job searching right now, and Suzie is trying frantically to get her paper done, and is going to ask for another extension probably next week, since she had so much stuff happen during the writing process. (She had the flu for over a week, then all her research got locked in the library when it closed, unannounced, for a long weekend, and then some of their luggage got lost for a day, not to mention moving halfway across the world.... So. Hopefully they'll grant that, and she can get it done.

Mark's school is going really well so far - he got a B+ on his first paper!! Yay for him!!!! He seems to be enjoying his classes, and has picked his topics for his two major papers this semester (he just has to talk with his advisors about them before he starts the research.) He's coming to visit tomorrow, and will be here through Sunday :) That will make my week go a bit easier, I think.

It's crazy to think that in 7 days, my life is going to change. I'm hoping it's going to be a change for the better - definitely better hours, seeing my hubby a LOT more often, getting my house in the shape I want it ... It sounds excellent. And now that we have our good friends back in town, we have people to do things with, and split the cost of things with :) Suzie loves to entertain as much as I do, so that will be a lot of fun for us. It'll be nice to have somebody to have coffee and scrapbook and do fun crafty things with :) I'm really excited about the prospects of what our lives are going to be like.

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