Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Since when do I get up this early?

Good morning, all! Yes, I am indeed posting before 7AM, and yes, this is new for me :) Third day in a row that I've gotten up and gotten ready at 6:00 in the morning - when I'm normally praying for dayshift to hurry along and get to the unit (shout out to my nightshift people! Hi Casey and Brandy!)

I must say, it is really nice to feel like a normal person again. I don't see how 8-5 desk job people do it week in, week out, but I do think I'll enjoy being on dayshift. We've skipped running two days now because of general tiredness and Mark had a headache, and rain, but the plan is to start back up this afternoon after I get off, which hopefully will work out as planned.

Andy starts his job today, and they'll move into their apartment in a couple weeks. And as a surprise, Suzie's sister bought them a puppy!!!! She is ADORABLE - she's a King Charles spaniel and looks a bit like this:

She's staying at Suzie's mom's house for the time being, but will move into their place when they do :) SO PRECIOUS!!!!

Alright ... time to head for work, bright and early in the morning - hope everybody has a great day!

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