Saturday, September 26, 2009

my car timeline

My journey in cars:

This was my first car. The Chevrolet Corsica. (it was, incidentally, Kelly's first car as well.) It ran. Sort of.

We bought it from my grandma's sweet next door neighbors for super cheap, and it served me well... it even got me through my first two years of college. But it was ugly. And had overheating problems. And I was glad to be done with it, when I got:

Polly the Passat!! It was a wonderful gift from my parents (namely, my dad), who just called me out of the blue while I was at school and said that he'd just bought me a new car! (Well ... new to me, she was a 2002.)

I had her I think 3 years, and here she is sitting at a cabin right outside of Gatlinburg where Mark and I took a mini-vacay :) I LOVED this car. She was dependable, reliable, and super fun to drive. Mark liked her too.

And then one day, when we were moving into our duplex in Harrison, we had gotten some paint from Lowes. We were on Hwy. 58, coming home, when this lady 2 cars in front of us stopped basically in the middle of the road. The person behind her swerved, the person behind them (and right in front of us) slammed on their brakes, and slammed on his. Unfortunately, the large F150 that was behind us did NOT slam on his brakes, but instead slammed into us. By some miracle, Mark managed not to hit the person in front of us, and we were all okay. The truck had a ding on its bumper. My entire trunk was dented in.

After waiting a week, the insurance company called and said the car was totalled. I was devastated. I wanted them to fix her. I still wish they had...

But instead, we went car-shopping, and ended up with...

A Taurus.

Now, just a little background on me and cars: I am not picky. I like cars that run, I don't particularly need a fancy car. I like cars with small turn radii, and that are cute, and that's pretty much it. I really am not picky at all. Except for that I don't like tauruses. Never have. Never will. I also don't like red cars. Never have, never will. So of course, what was the only thing we could find? A red Taurus. We got it for cheap. It had lots of miles on it when we got it, it had scratches, and part of the paint was peeling. But we needed money worse than we needed a nice car, so we kept a bit of the money left over from our insurance money. It's had quite a few problems in the last several months - and it's old. And I'm just about done with all that, and Mark is way past that point.

So today, we're going to Donahoo Auto, and getting this:

My new car!!

You can go here:

to see the rest of the photos. I don't know if anything will replace my old Passat, but this one might just come close :) I love it! I'm so excited to get to have a car I actually like again. It's not super fancy or loaded or anything, but it does have clicky keys, which I'm super excited about, and it does have heated mirrors, which is nice, and I have a CD player again (I know, WAY behind the times...) It also gets like 30-32 miles to the gallon on the hwy, which is WONDERFUL!! Hopefully this one will last us a long, long time - I'd really like to keep it until it just totally dies, or we like win the lottery or something.

I can't wait to drive it!!!

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  1. Sounds like a good car. Only 4 years old with low mileage. If you will take care of it [Use your service manual and get as much maintence (more than just oil and filter changes) on it as you can afford], it should last a long time. It's cute, too.