Saturday, September 12, 2009

Community :)

I've been back in Birmingham for 3 days now, and it is lovely :) Andy and Suzie are still staying with us, and will be for a few more weeks until they get in their own place. I haven't had community like this in a long time, living with friends, eating good food together, socializing, staying up WAY too late... It's been wonderful :)

We started running today, too. Week one is pretty decent - basically it's a mile, alternating running and walking between every 1/8 mile, so it's not particularly intense. Still got out of breath though - I'm ridiculously out of shape. I didn't get a headache for once, which was nice. (Usually I get a really pounding headache when I run.)

Mark and I are going on a date tonight, too, which will be nice - our celebratory "April's back for good" dinner date :) Will be fun, and yummy - we're going to Bonefish Grill to eat!

And now, pictures of our escapades:

The other night, Andy, Suzie and I engaged in a long game of Rock Band and stayed up till like 4 am. A few pictures to document our rock star-dom... (and my new haircut, which you can't see very well here.)

Suzie, also known as "Rhonda," on the drums

Andy rockin' the bass :)

Aww :) I like having married friends!!

And, the biggest news of this post...

Our bed came!!!!!! Here it is, made up pretty :)

And how it looks finished, with our mismatched bedside tables that we will hopefully be replacing soon.

I LOVE it. It's so nice, and pretty, and exactly what I wanted. A nice bed (headboard, footboard, the like) is something I never thought I'd have (sort of like matching living room furniture ... maybe someday...), but here it is in my bedroom!! Great investment - we'll be keeping this thing until it literally falls apart. So pretty!!!! I'm excited :)

So now, save patio chairs and matching bedside tables, our home is finally complete. It's a good feeling. Andy and Suzie will be moving right across the street in the other section of our apartment complex, so we will have instant, nearby community, and Suzie and I will be able to do lots of things together (hopefully our schedules won't conflict completely...) Life is looking pretty good for us here. I'll miss Chattanooga and my job there and my family, but I'm really glad that I'm here now :)

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  1. I finally got on here to see your new bed. It's really pretty--you guys made a good choice! I know you will enjoy it.