Sunday, September 20, 2009


Last night, Mark and I (and Chip, Suzie's brother) helped Andy and her move into their new apartment - right across the street from us! Suzie didn't get back from Gulf Port until about 10pm, so you can imagine that we were sort of glad that they don't have quite as much stuff as we do :) She also brought their puppy home - her name is Emma Caroline, and she is the cutest thing to walk the earth.


She's itty bitty - maybe 3-ish pounds? And she has this huge personality, and she's so playful and loves to run and scamper all over the place, and she also loves to cuddle in your lap :) We're her godparents, and we get babysitting rights today while Andy and Suzie go to Chattanooga to get furniture from my parents' house.

It's been a crazy week - rain, rain, rain has just compounded everything. Running is going pretty well, but we've had to skip several days due to the nasty weather. In the last week, I've done some work stuff, run four days, had my car break, got it fixed, looking for a new one, cooked, cleaned, did loads of laundry, moved Andy and Suzie in - it's been super busy. But I like it that way :)

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