Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall is here!!!

It is nearly 8am, and it's about 50 degrees outside. This makes me happy! Yay for fall!!! (And I'm off today, so I actually get to be outside and enjoy it...)

I love fall. I love all the seasons, except winter, and winter has Christmas, so I can't not love that... I just don't like January very much. Or February (except for Valentine's day.) I love spring because it's new. I love the sun-kissed warmth that seeps into my bones when I go outside that first spring day, and the LIFE I feel during the spring. It's probably my favorite season of all. I love summer because it's bright and sunny and pretty, and I also LOVE summer clothes the most :) I love winter because of Christmas, and the holiday season leading up to it.

But for me, fall holds this ... nostalgic feeling, I guess. I'm not sure why. It's not a sad feeling, though I always feel like I should be back at Samford by now... but it's a time of remembering for me. I think it's something about the crispness in the air, the warm golden colors ... I don't know, maybe it holds tradition or something, but I feel different in the fall than I do any other time of year. I slow down. In the spring, I'm giddy, and I HAVE TO BE OUTSIDE. In the fall ... my thoughts slow. My soul calms. I have long talks with good friends over pumpkin spice anything, I get to see family more, I think more than I talk ... I don't know. It's a very intangible feeling. Almost sad ... but not. I've missed it. I'm glad it's back :)

(Sadly, I can't claim to have taken this picture - it's in Chattanooga, the Southern Belle on the TN River...)

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