Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Good morning!

Bullet points today, since I'm short on time and I've got a lot of things buzzing around in my head...

-Good half-day at work yesterday. It was nice. I needed a good day.

-Sushi again last night with Mark. Super crunch, how I love thee!

-I really really really wish it would warm up and get sunny again. I feel like winter will never end.

-Traveling to Chattanooga today - excited to see my family and Colton!

-Thus begins my 2-week-long birthday extravaganza :) (Mark makes fun of me all the time for having "four birthdays" ... I can't help it that I grew up in a family that likes to celebrate things, and also that my birthday always fell on spring break in school/college - I always got to do a lot of fun things.)

-My actual birthday is March 23. I will be 25 years old. Ugh. That feels old to me... time passes so fast.

-Elissa is coming to visit me next week!!! That makes me so happy I want to dance :)

-My mom is making poppyseed chicken for dinner tonight, and my early birthday cake will be white cake with strawberry buttercream icing. YUMMMMM.

-I will post pictures of the (small) Par-Tay we will have soon.

-I have a new follower! I love new followers :)

-Blogging is so, so much fun. I love it. My husband doesn't understand it. I feel that a lot of you are in the same situation :)

-Time to shower! Gotta finish packing and get on the road.


  1. I totally love sushi too! And my husband doesn't get the blogging thing at all either.

  2. i heart sushi. a LOT. my hubby is starting to get interested in my blog lately, but at first i think he thought i was crazy :).



  3. So many good things in your life lately! :) How exciting! I'm happy you love blogging, because I love reading your blog! For some reason it always puts me in a good mood.

    P.S. I laughed really hard at your comment about A.S.S. ;)

  4. I'm so glad you're having such a great month!!
    I love new followers too!! haha it makes my day!!
    And yes, I agree with you, blogging is my fav pastime! It's so fun! But MJ is like your husband: he doesn't understand it. Although he tries to support me and if I ask him to write a post for my blog, he does. :) He's a keeper

  5. I agree! My husband totally doesn't get my blogging. He thinks I waste too much time reading blogs and writing my own but I enjoy it! Have a great early Birthday celebration!