Friday, March 12, 2010

Reasons Why I Love My Husband

There are a lot of reasons why I fell in love with Mark in the first place, and continue to love him more and more the longer we're together.

Here are a few of them, in no particular order:

1. He likes to play with me. Whether it involves trying to toss me in the lake, or making futile attempts to put me in the bathroom (our favorite game - I always win, cause I'm squirmy and persistent), he's never above acting like a little kid (when it's appropriate, anyway). I think that's good. It will keep us young as we get older :)

2. He likes to sing to me. Mark doesn't quite have the voice of Josh Groban, and I don't think you should expect to see him on American Idol anytime soon. But when he sings, it's silly, and it comes from his heart. And even though he probably will never get a recording contract (and I doubt he wants one...), when he sings, it makes my day happy. Especially when he sings halfway in his sleep, which he did the other morning...

3. He's cute. Put him in a pair of jeans and a button-down and roll up the sleeves to his forearms... and I sort of turn into a puddle.

4. He goes along with all my crazy ideas, including a Tacky Sweater Christmas Party two years ago. And the family portrait that I insisted on afterward....

5. He's silly. He likes to make people laugh. Whether that means fighting Suzie with some sort of firecracker-y sticks...

...playing Edward Scissorhands with our new set of knives right after we got married...

...or never making a serious face in pictures... (seriously, never. Ever.) ... he's always trying to find some way to make me smile or laugh. Especially if I'm having a bad day. That's one of the things that I appreciate the most about him :)

6. He goes on all-day-long dates with me, like we did yesterday. Those are my favorite :)

7. He's my best friend. He's my absolute favorite person to do anything with: travel, play, eat, drink, shop, whatever - I just like it when he's there. I can talk to him about anything. I am myself around him. It's the most comfortable feeling in the world.

8. He likes Elissa :) And agrees to do stuff with us. Because we're essentially Lucy and Ethel - we like to plot and plan and get in trouble.

(He even accompanies us to formal events, with dancing!)

9. This one's really important to me - he loves my family. And likes to make them laugh too. My parents both really like him too, which makes things nice :)

He even joins in the Shannon crazy-ness at Christmas - we get a little exuberantly festive sometimes (festive is NOT a word I would use to describe Mark), and he is patient and plays right along. Because he loves me :)

10. He likes watching movies with me. Mark is actually the one who got me into movies - I liked them before, but in college, we would watch them all the time together. (And I'd get in trouble with my mom, because we'd always rent movies on my Blockbuster card, and Mark was TERRIBLE about turning them in on time, and my parents' account would be charged for them...) Thankfully, we have Netflix now, and don't have that problem :)

11. He's very handy with outdoors-y things. He's an Eagle Scout. And he builds a good tent :)

12. He honestly thinks I'm the most beautiful woman in the world. Honestly.

13. He's never been above helping me with any and every household chore. He washes the dishes...

...and sweeps the floor... and a lot of other great things too :)

14. He has a tattoo on the back of his right shoulder. He's not the type of guy you would think would have a tattoo either - I always thought it was sort of sexy :)

15. He likes to dance with me. And he's good at it, too!

16. He loves animals, and is really sweet to them...

...most of the time.

17. I think he will be an amazing dad. (Just not yet. No kids yet, please...) I can't wait to parent with him (in a couple of years...)

18. He likes to travel with me! I love to travel, and go all different places, and he's my favorite traveling buddy :) We've been to Charleston (in the picture below), Gatlinburg a couple times...

...and Orlando, for our honeymoon :)

Seriously, how many guys would agree to spend their Honeymoon in Disney World? He's a keeper :)

19. He's so, so, so easy to live with. It makes life nice, knowing I'm always coming home to someone easy-going and not picky about things.

20. He is so loyal, and so faithful, and such a good person in general. I'm lucky to be married to a guy like him. There's no one I'd rather spend the rest of my life with...

...why do you love your spouse/significant other?


  1. how sweet! sounds like you have a pretty great husband!

    btw, my husband is an Eagle Scout too

  2. We went to Disney one day of our Honeymoon, so much fun! Sounds like you have a great husband!

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwww. I'm kind of melting a little bit too. This is so sweet! I hope he reads this.

  4. What a sweet post, you and your husband are adorable! How is he doing on his weight loss journey?

  5. How sweet!! I'm so glad you have such a great husband! You're right, he's a keeper :)
    I love MJ for many reasons: he's my best friend, he's a good person, he wants me to be happy, he is funny, sweet, loyal, very understanding and patient, intelligent... I don't know! There are lots of reasons!!

  6. I think you two are adorable! How sweet of you to write this list. I have about 7839 reasons why I LOVE John but I think I would be a little hard pressed to come up with 2o off hand. I think the main one that things are just easy with us. We are both just who we are and we both love each other for it. I am a lucky woman. You sound like you know just how that feels.

  7. ahhhh, this was adorable. My favorite one was "hes sweet to animals, sometimes" and the pictures with that.
    great post!

  8. This is so sweet! It makes me feel good that you two have such a wonderful marriage. I hope you have 50 or 60 or even 70 years of such. (I heard a couple on the news the other night that were celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary!) And by the way, I think he's a keeper too--I really love Mark.
    From your ever-lovin' Mom

  9. Aw that was so sweet! :) What cute and good reasons.
    Love your blog!