Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Guess what??

I'm going to Florida!!


With Kristine!!

We were walking in the gardens yesterday, and she mentioned that she reallyreallyreally wanted to go to the beach. Well, I really really want to go the beach too. And so I said... Let's go! And from there it was a lot of What? and Really? and Are you serious? and OMG OKAY!!

So we came home and started planning. And we found this great little condo for SO CHEAP - hopefully the lady has called us back, because there was an issue with the cleaning ladies or something? So if we don't get that one - I guess we'll just head down and find a hotel once we get there. Won't be as cheap, which is sad, but oh well...

So we're going!! Yay yay yay!


Looking forward to playing in the sand this afternoon!

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