Wednesday, March 3, 2010

things i'm thinking about...

Bullet points this morning:

-I think it's so interesting and neat how differently you read/understand the Bible at different points in your life. The reading is going well so far. I hope I can stay disciplined - the hardest part will be the weekends, when I'm working like crazy.

-I have become COMPLETELY addicted to this game, Scramble, on Facebook and my iPhone - it's basically like online Boggle. I. Can't. Stop. Playing.

-I made yummy yummy homemade pizza for dinner last night. And I have leftovers! Yay!

-I want to scrapbook.

-I need to do a lot of other things before I can scrapbook :( Such as: ironing all my clothes, getting all the clothes I'm consigning together, cleaning the kitchen (AGAIN! How does it stay so messy all the time?????), more laundry....

-I'm going home to see my Mommy and Daddy and grandma and sister (while she's on spring break) the first three days of next week!

-Sadly, I forgot that I told Elissa she could stay with me one night during that same time before I scheduled myself to go home. I am a bad friend :(

-I feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done.

-Or, it could be that I just get distracted THAT easily.


-I am having a hard time making Mark a list of things I want for my birthday. I mean, obviously all the previously posted clothes would be great... but I don't know that I just want clothes... and I like to give him lots of options.

-I will be 25 at the end of this month. Gosh, that feels old. I am old.

-Tonight is small group. Tomorrow is Bible Study. I'm so excited :)

Hope everyone has a lovely day! Also hoping for NO MORE SNOW!!


  1. Yum homemade pizza sounds delicious! Don't you hate how chores get in the way of doing the things you really want to do, like scrapbook? Probably my least favorite part of being an adult!

  2. That picture of you on the sidebar is gorgeous! I too, am so ready for spring.

  3. I looooooooooooooooooooooooove Scramble. I love it so much.

  4. April, I just got addicted to an even better game than Scramble and I had to share it with you, haha. (Every day I wait for J to come home so I can pounce on his iPhone and play!) It's called Line Up! SO fun.