Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lovely Day

Today was PERFECT.

First I went to Bible Study, which is always an extremely refreshing part of my week. It was a really small group this week, and we had some great discussion and prayer time.

Then I came home, and the weather was PHENOMENAL. I changed clothes, and Mark and I went to get some BBQ :) Yum, yum!

After lunch, we went for a nice stroll on the walking trail across the street from our old college :) We walked probably 2.5 miles. The sun was shining, there was an awesome breeze, and it was WONDERFUL.

Then we went to the bakery, and they had STRAWBERRY baby bites, my FAVORITE! We stocked up on some yummy (and sooo bad for you) snacks :)

And then we went and saw


It was beautiful (I saw it in 2D, would love to see it in 3D) as most Tim Burton movies are, I loved the colors, and I LOVED Johnny Depp (as always.)

I feel so alive and so happy today. The first spring days (and really all sunny and warm days) really drive the winter-grumps away for me. Everything is beautiful and bright. I get to do the things I love with my favorite person ever. Going on walks with Mark is one of my very favorite things to do - we get to talk, and catch up, and there's no one I'd rather be with when it's warm and sunny and bright than him :) My moods are so in tune with the seasons, it's ridiculous. Spring for me means reawakening, and on days like today I want to literally go frolic in a green field with wildflowers somewhere. Summer is happy too - a bit slower than spring. Spring makes me feel neon. Summer isn't quite so ... bright, I guess. Summer means some lazy days, summer makes me think of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Gatsby. (Thanks, Mrs. Ireland.) Fall makes me sleepy. Nostalgic. I drift. It's a hard feeling to describe - it makes me think of homecoming and friends and family, and I want to be with people. I long for community in the fall. And winter is long for me. Winter means grumpy, tired, irritable, sad. Snow makes it worse. Winter makes me want to stay in bed forever.

But it's spring now, and I can get out of my bed and go play and try my hardest to overdose on the sun's Vitamin D. And trust me, I will do so as much as I possibly can :)


  1. Aw, that does sound like a really nice day. Walks are great. And I love all the CAPS--it made you seem so excited! :)

  2. I WAS so excited :) Welcome to April in springtime!

  3. Sounds like a perfect day to me too! I'm the same way, I am a much happier person when the weather is beautiful :)

  4. Sounds amazing! Isn't the weather incredible! I was able to walk outside too! But my husband is such a bad walking partner. He walks around the block and then he just wants to go back and sit on the couch :)

  5. i'm so glad to see you've had such a great day!
    i'm similar with spring too - it's my favourite season because you feel alive again! that and seeing pretty florals and dresses in shops, colour is back!