Sunday, March 21, 2010

Continuation of my awesome week...

I seriously think March has been graced because of my birthday :) I have had the most wonderful past couple of weeks...

First things first - big thanks to Justine over at The Greatest Show on Earth for my new blog header! I think it looks lovely with my background!! Kudos and credit to her :)

So Mark and I did indeed stay up insanely late to attend Kelly's concert. (It's funny that I refer to it as "Kelly's" concert, because she honestly isn't even in the band...) Here are some pictures, and a video clip...

Colton and Bryce, the lead singer

With flash - The Little Foxes and Third Lobby together!

No idea what this song is called, but it's the one in the video clip :) Pretty awesome!

Bryce and Kelly

Kelly stepped it up and helped the band out - apparently their token girl who sang backup/played piano was going out of town this weekend, and so Kelly (who I think sings with Bryce at a nursing home ministry they do) said she'd fill in. And play the flute! Cause she's awesome :)

Colton is a really fantastic guitar player. (See video clip) Kelly says he's "stinkin' awesome" at everything. I think I believe her.

So proud of my little sister!!

The Little Foxes perform!

So, after the concert, we left and I slept in the car on the way home.

Annnnd - Elissa is coming tomorrow!! Which means lots of friend-love, and more birthday-ing ahead this week! We have fun fun things planned, and I am so excited :) AND it's been warm. Which makes things that much better.

I love March!

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  1. hooray for your wonderful wonderful march month!!
    and i love the new header! justine is so talented!