Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!!

That's right, blog world - I'm 25 today! Happy happy! (Or sad? Cause I'm getting older? Faster than I thought it would feel like? I've been an "adult" - out of school and with a real job - for nearly 3 years now. Crazy!)

In other news, Elissa arrived last night about the time Mark got home from class. We made chicken enchiladas (that were more cream cheese and whipping cream than enchilada - really the only reason they're called that is that they're baked and they're rolled up in tortillas. And with cheese on top. So, so bad.) We ate really late. We made yummy mojitos. Elissa and I watched Julie & Julia (one of my very favorite movies - LOVE Meryl Streep!)

And today I will make breakfast, and then make my birthday cake with my best friend (I know, I'm making my own birthday cake - but it will be good! Strawberry cake - from scratch - with cream cheese frosting! Yum!) And we will go to Surin for lunch with Andy and Suzie (also yum!) and have cake for dessert and Matthew will come for dinner and I'm making DELISH pasta tonight.

Um. Is it bad that my birthday (and possibly every day?) revolves around food?

Pictures of my lovely day to come! I hope it warms up...


  1. Hope you have a great day!!! Happy Birthday!!


    i hope your day is absolutely wonderful and filled with joy and happiness!!

  3. Happy birthday April! :) I hope you have a GREAT one! And ALL good birthdays revolve around food.

  4. Happy Birthday hun! Have a fantabulous day :D

  5. I already left you a comment on Facebook, but here is another one: Happy birthday!!! Hope you had a great great great day with your loved ones!

  6. I love your blog so sweet and charming!♥ I know am 21 but when I turned 21 I felt like I was growing up to fast, the image of me graduating high school was still in my head
    It felt very bizarre but I have done some amazing things, seen my family grow and meet new people…..so growing up isn’t so bad right?……plus you look amazing no need to worry about anything……..I love Meryl Streep she’s so elegant and she has a massive warmth in her face love her.
    Well take care and have fun♥