Monday, June 28, 2010


On Mondays, I always feel like I'm incredibly behind on blogging. Maybe it's because I just can't get to it ever on the weekends, even to read the blogs I'm following. But I always come into Monday feeling like I have to catch up.

Except, nothing exciting ever happens on the weekends. I work. I sleep. That's about it.

So I guess I'll tell you what I did today. The morning started on an unfortunate note, as I had to go see the lady-doctor (or, as one of my co-workers lovingly terms it, the Annual Invasion.) I can check that one off my list for another year, at least...
Then I went to a staff meeting. Thrilling.
Then I came home and Mark and I went to Panera.
(I know, you're all on the edge of your seats, right?)

And when we got back, I sort of fell into this funk. I've been in a weird mood all evening. I went grocery shopping which helped (is it weird that I really love to grocery shop?), and then came home and cleaned out and re-organized all our kitchen cabinets and made a complete inventory of all the non-perishable foods there, and that made me feel a WHOLE lot better.

And now I'm back in a funk. I'm not sure what's up with this. Maybe hormones...

Hopefully I'll be perkier tomorrow.


  1. Sorry you are in a funk, I hate that. I too, LOVE grocery shopping. It is like therapy to me if I go alone. Otherwise it can be a little distressing.

    I made your pasta salad for a 60th birthday party on Saturday. It turned out great. I doubled the recipe and boy was that a lot of pasta but not to worry, it was all gone by the time I went to grab my bowl and head out. Thanks for the new recipe, I love trying new things!

  2. Ha! I love that you made an inventory of your pantry :)