Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Poll for my lovely readers...

I am entertaining the idea of starting a food blog, in conjunction with this current one.

Here is your poll:

Would you read such a blog?
If so, what would you want to see on it? (I mean, obviously, food. But specifics?)

I want your opinions!


  1. I love your blog but probably wouldn't read the food one (mainly because I suck at cooking and food blogs make me feel inferior --haha) but best of luck with it!!

  2. I would read it! I love food! :P I would want to see vegetarian recipes. Ideas for healthy snacks and breakfast. And quick/easy meals!

  3. I would read it... but you could also share your food ideas here. :))) I love cooking!

  4. I don't think I would read the food blog... Food and recipes usually bore me.
    But if that's what you want, then good luck!! I'm sure it'll be a great blog!

  5. I thought it was interesting when you would post on FB what you were cooking for dinner. I would read it, but don't have ideas for the blog.

  6. pssssh OF COURSE I WOULD!
    haha. half my posts are food related!! so i would love it! haha.
    GO FOR IT!!